Conditions of sale and access to the venue

Detailed below are the general terms of ticket sales and access to INTERNATIONAL DUB GATHERING Festival venue (hereinafter, “Festival”).

The organizer of the Festival is the company SONIDO POSITIVO, S.L (hereinafter ”SP”), established for this purpose in Calle Mosen Elias 14, Benicàssim, CIF: ES B44513901 registered in the Commercial Register of Castellón in Volume: 1772, Page: 181, Register Sheet: CS-41508, Registration: 1. Contact email:

The mere acquisition of a ticket or invitation to the Festival, in any format, involves automatic and unconditional acceptance of the following general conditions for ticket sales and access to the Festival venue (hereinafter, “General Conditions”):


It is important to read the content of each of the tickets and the rights, obligations and services included in them, given that, after purchase, they cannot be changed, except as laid out in clause 4 and paragraph 7 of clause1.

1.1.- Tickets acquired during the presale period are nominal therefore during the purchase you will be asked for your personal details.

The organization is not responsible if they are used by a different person to that who figures in the document as buyer and/or are falsified, duplicated or photocopied.

The ticket purchased during the presale period will be sent by e-mail and must be printed and displayed at the ticket office at the entrance the Festival, together with a valid ID (NIE, identity card, passport …)

The ticket is only valid when it has been acquired from of the recognized sales outlets and/or authorized distribution channels as detailed on the Festival website . As there are different outlets and/or authorized channels for the sale and distribution of Festival tickets, any special conditions applying to tickets purchased shall be as specified in each case in each of the outlets and/or channels in which they have been acquired.

1.2.- Tickets for the Festival and Camping can also be purchased at the box office, which will remain open from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. on the 2-3-4 of April.

Tickets purchased at the Box Office belong to the bearer, so the organization is not responsible if they be used by a different person than the person who made the purchase and/or are falsified, duplicated or photocopied.

1.3.- Throughout the sales process there are four (3) types of tickets for the Festival:

  1. 1 day ticket: Purchase of admission for 1 day at the Festival that grants the right of access to the festival venue From the official opening of the festival to its close, only for the day selected. This entry gives right to re-enter the venue as many times as you want in the day, within the hours of opening and closing. Purchasing this ticket does not include access to Camping area or the Camper area.
  2. Mini Pass for 2 days: Grants the right of access to the festival venue for 2 consecutive days, depending on the option chosen during purchase, from the opening of the festival to its close. This ticket entitles you to re-enter the premises many times as you want a day, within opening and closing times. Purchasing this ticket does not include access to Camping area or the Camper area.
  3. Mini Pass for 3 days: Grants the right of access to the festival venue for 3 consecutive days, depending on the option chosen during purchase, from 18 April until 21 April. Entry is from the opening of the festival to its close. This ticket entitles you to re-enter the premises many times as you want a day, within opening and closing times. Purchasing this ticket does not include access to Camping area or the Camper area.

1.4.-The times detailed in this paragraph may be amended by the organization if necessary, once the changes are duly communicated on the website of the Festival.

1.5.- Specific features of tickets, passes and mini passes with access to Camping and the Camper area option with/without electricity.

  1. Access to the Glamping area is reserved exclusively for Festival attendees, so it is necessary to have the Festival entrance and also purchase the Glamping, available for purchase on the platform:
  2. The Access to the Camper or Camper with Electricity areas is reserved exclusively for Festival attendees, which can be purchased during the advance sale or at the ticket office and therefore it is necessary to have the Festival ticket.
  3. In the case that you have acquired the Pass access to the Camper area, you can acquire the electrical service from the box office.
  4. The Camper area is exclusively for campervan, caravans and vehicles equipped for sleeping.
  5. On buying such tickets, mini passes or passes you accept all the terms and conditions for access to the Camping are and the Camper area.

1.6.- Tickets for children, elderly and people with disabilities.

  1. All children under 13 years of age (on the day the Festival commences) and over 65 (on the day the Festival commences) can enter the festival for Free. The entry of minors will at all times be subject to compliance with the requirements specified in paragraph 5.2. of these General Conditions
  2. Entrance is also free for those people who are affected by a disability of over 65%, which must be justified by the corresponding certificate of disability. Beneficiaries are those who have a disability that produces severe motor deficits, as well as those affected by blindness, deafness or severe disabilities.If any person affected by a disability requires the attention of a companion, in accordance with their degree of disability, said companions may also enter for free. In this regard, the companion will receive one bracelet, non-transferable, which will allow access into the festival only while the person who they are accompanying remains in same.

1.7.- Once a ticket is acquired it may not be exchanged nor refunded being the acquisition of same firm and unconditional, except in case of cancellation of the Festival, under the terms provided in these General Conditions.

1.8.- To effectively enjoy and the rights incorporated to the full, the ticket must be complete and in good conditions.

1.9.- The ticket has different security measures that guarantee its authenticity.

1.10.- The organization is not responsible for tickets that are not acquired in the official outlets.

1.11.- All bracelets amended, broken or with signs of forgery or alteration permit the Festival to deprive its wearer access to site, without prejudice the right to take appropriate legal action against alleged counterfeiters of passes.

1.12.- Possession of a ticket does not entitle its holder or third parties to use it, or its contents, for advertising, marketing or promotion (including, but not limited to declarations, contests, gifts and/or raffles), associated with the ticket holder or third parties. Failure to comply with this point will oblige the advertiser and/or unauthorized user to compensate the organization with the amount deemed to correspond to the damages incurred. In such cases the pass will be immediately void.

1.13.- The Festival organization will provide certain guest passes – called Pases– to those who it freely decides.


2.1.- The ticket must be exchanged for a bracelet upon arrival at the Festival venue in the areas provided for this purpose and during the hours and in the manner duly published.

2.2.- Once the ticket has been exchanged for the bracelet in the designated area, the bracelet becomes the element that certifies the rights of the purchaser and should be kept on the wrist every day throughout the Festival.

2.3.- Bracelet loss will mean the loss of the right of entry and/or stay in the venue.

2.4.- The organization duly warns you that opened, manipulated, damaged or broken wristbands will not be accepted.

2.5.- To temporarily leave the premises and to enter you must keep the bracelet for the duration of the Festival.

2.6.- Only the person who has acquired a ticket may redeem the bracelet. In order to do so they must present it together with their ID card or passport in the exchange points designated for this purpose.

2.7.– In the case of tickets and entry of minors, in addition to the above requirements the specifications related to the right to refuse admission of minors included in clause 5.2 of these General Conditions must be obeyed.


3.1.- The organization reserves the right to modify or suspend the Festival at any time, on reasonable grounds within the ordinary functioning of a festival with the characteristics of the INTERNATIONAL DUB GATHERING.

3.2.- The cancellation of any of the bands for reasons beyond the control of the organization will not entitle the refund of a ticket. However, the organization will make its best efforts to prevent that such a cancellation may cause any inconvenience to those attending the Festival, such as, among others, rearrange the schedule or replace cancelled band with another group.

3.3.- The organization commits to refunding the ticket in the event that all the musical performances that make up the line-up of the Festival are cancelled. In this case, the refund may be made by the organization within thirty days after the date of public announcement of the cancellation. In case of proceeding with the refund the cost of distribution that sales channels apply to the price of admission, will not be returned under any circumstances by the organization, since it is not the preceptor of that amount and the provision of this service is understood to be included at the time of purchase of the ticket.

3.4.- Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraphs 3.2 and 3.3, exceptionally and for security reasons, the remainder of the proceedings of the corresponding to a day will also be cancelled if two bands that constitute the headliners in the line-up of that day were to cancel simultaneously, provided that the organization could not rearrange schedules. Thus, if the Festival, despite cancellations, could rearrange schedules so that the slots corresponding to the cancelled performances do not become vacant, the organization will not be obliged to refund any amount.

3.5.- The suspension or cancellation of all or part of the Festival when caused by force majeure in no case will result in the refund of the entree fee.

3.6.- The suspension or modification of the Festival, whole or in part, due to inclement weather such as rain will mean the proportionate refund of the ticket or pass acquired.

3.7.– In the event that the Festival was cancelled due to force majeure, the organizer is not obliged to return the amount paid for the ticket, as long as it offers the attendee an ticket equivalent to the original ticket for a new date, established by the organizer, which may not be in any case any more than one year from the date of cancellation.

3.8. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the organizer, in the event of cancellation, suspension or modification of the Festival, will in no case assume costs that are the responsibility of the attendee, such as travel, transportation, lodging, food or drink.


4.1.– Tickets purchased through advance sales are non-refundable, except as provided for in Section 1.7., although they may be transferred to third parties carrying out a “change of name” through the online sales system.


5.1.- The organization reserves the right to refuse admission to the Festival.

5.2.- The organization establishes the following requirements for the entry and particiaption of children in Festival activities:

  1. Minors between 16 and 17 years old can access the Festival provided they have an authorization signed by their legal guardian.
  2. All children under 16 years of age, in addition to the required authorization must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times, who will accept responsibility for the minor’s actions within the Festival venue. Inside the venue, in the event that the guardian cannot be located with the minor, the festival may assume custody of the child until the guardian appears and the immediate expulsion of both, the promoter being exonerated from the responsibility of custody and/or care of the child.
  3. Parents of children under 13 years of age, in order to facilitate their access to the Festival venue, must complete a specific authorization form at the box office prior to entering the venue. Those under 13 will be awarded a wristband on which the phone of the parent or guardian is listed. The child must wear this bracelet at all times while inside the festival venue.

In the above cases, minors must deliver, along with the entry or in case of children under 13 at the time of access to the Festival, an authorization duly signed by the father, mother or legal guardian of the child in which they assume a total responsibility with respect to the child’s access to the premises. In addition, both the child under 18 years of age and, where appropriate, the person accompanying him / her, must submit, together with the authorization, a photocopy of a document that identifies them (ID, Passport, Family Book, etc.) and submit, for verification, the original of the same document. If the indicated documents are not delivered, the organization reserves the right to deny entry to the minor, without generating any right to refund the amount of the ticket paid by the minor and, if applicable, his / her companion.

In any case, the use of alcohol and tobacco is prohibited to minors under 18 years of age, and the child may be expelled, and the accompanying person, if applicable, who violates these prohibitions, without generating any right to refund the amount of the ticket. paid by the minor and, in the case of children under 16 years of age, of their companion. At the time of exchanging entry, everyone under 18 years of age will be given a wristband that can not be sold alcohol in any of the facilities of the site. The child must wear the bracelet at all times while inside the festival grounds.

As it is physically impossible to request the documentation to all those attending the Festival, the organization is not responsible for those minors who remain in the venue in contravention of the instructions expressed in this clause.

You can download the authorization document for minors in the official page of the Festival.

5.3.- To enter the venue where both the musical and extra-musical activities are held, the public will be searched at the entrance, not allowing the introduction of objects that may be considered dangerous by the organization or are prohibited by current legislation, for this reason cameras, video or professional recorders or of any other nature may not be brought into the mentioned venue. In the event that any member of the public is discovered recording or photographing the activities taking place at the Festival in any apparatus or device they may be removed from the venue.

5.4.- For safety reasons the entry any type of motor vehicle to areas of the Festival venue is prohibited.

5.5.- For reasons of organizational safety and hygiene, food and drink cannot be entered into the festival. Within the Festival venue are several food and drink stalls with enough variety and with information about prices.

5.6.- In the Glamping and Camper areas the entry of objects that may be considered dangerous by the organization or are prohibited by current legislation is prohibited.

5.7.- The organization may refuse access or remove from the venue those who: (i) may cause or have caused risk, danger, fights, riots or similar behaviours; (ii) may hinder or have hindered the normal development of the shows; (iii) carry drugs or are at the discretion of the organization apparently or potentially intoxicated; and, in any event, (iv) carrying any object that the organization considers dangerous in the vicinity of the event (fireworks, weapons, bottles, glassware, laser pointers, etc., …); or (v) do not follow the instructions at all times given by the organization and/or set forth in these General Conditions.

5.8.- The organization in not provide refund in any of the above cases to to those who have been denied access or are removed from any of the Festival’s venues.


6.1.- All image and intellectual property rights arising directly or indirectly from artistic presentations or any others that result from the celebration of the Festival are reserved.

6.2.– The holder of the ticket or bracelet that enter the Festival venue, consents and authorizes expressly and unequivocally to their image and voice can be reproduced on different supports during the celebration of the event and subsequently be released by the organization or by authorized third parties in any media for promotional and/or commercial dissemination of the Festival.

In the case of minors, the acquisition of the ticket and the entry of accompanied minors, along with the required authorization, provided by legal guardians, presupposes the authorization for recording and dissemination of images and voice of children as specified in the preceding paragraph.


Regarding personal data protection you can review our Privacy Policy.


The organization is entitled to take legal actions, both civil and criminal that it deems appropriate against the perpetrators either directly or indirectly of any attempts of fraud, theft and/or damage to the organization.