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If you are a beneficiary, you can buy your ticket with your Bono Cultural Joven card.


  • 1 DAY = €10
  • 2 DAYS = €20
  • 3 DAYS= €20
  • 1 DAY = €40
  • 2 DAYS = €60
  • 3 DAYS = €60
  • 1 DAY = €10
  • 2 DAYS = €20
  • 3 DAYS = €20

Important information


Free entrance for those registered in L’Aldea. You only have to present a proof of residence at the festival box office.

Lockers and mobile devices recharges

More info

Minors permission

Download the appropriate authorization and present at at the festival box office: minors under 16 | minors 16-18


You can change the headline of an entry or add a complement to it, to do this you must:

  1. Access the buyer’s portal by clicking on the button “modify entry” or at this url:
  2. Enter the ticket locator of the ticket you want to update (you can find it under the QR code on your ticket, please copy and paste to avoid possible mistakes) and your email you used in the purchase (where you received the tickets).
  3. When you access the information of your ticket you will see the section ADDITIONS TO YOUR TICKET in which you must click on the blue phrase “add products to your ticket” or the section NAME CHANGES in which you must click on “name change”.
  4. If you are going to make a name change: you must fill in the buyer’s data and the data of the person who will attend, click ADD NAME CHANGE at the bottom of that screen click CONTINUE (if your change is free) or choose the payment method (if you have to pay the difference).