Lockers and mobile devices recharging

Mobile Locker is a company that invented a fully automated off-grid locker system that can be used in numerous applications around the world.

Wherever their lockers are installed, you can travel safely, swim, ski or do any other sport or leisure activity, worry-free.

The unit is custom-made from high-quality materials, controlled by user-friendly software and powered by green energy.


Mobile Locker is an automated service that offers you the possibility of renting lockers for periods of 365 days a year between 1 and 365 calendar days at festivals or events or public locations.

Mobile Locker offers different sizes of lockers that you can consult on the reservation page for each location or at the Mobile Locker terminal itself.

Reservations can be made in advance and will be valid from the moment you make it. It can also be made at the festival or event itself.

You can bring all the packages that fit inside the rented Locker, with the exception of prohibited items. Remember that in Mobile Locker you pay per rented Locker, not per package, so you can bring all the packages that fit in your Locker.

  • All objects whose mere possession or trafficking is illegal (such as stolen objects, drugs, pornographic materials or in any way degrading to human beings, etc.).
  • Objects whose possession requires a license, without such license or authorization (such as, for example, weapons and/or ammunition).
  • Any type of material that is polluting or dangerous (such as flammable objects or dangerous substances).
  • Animals of any kind or any other type of living being.
  • No food may be inserted in the Lockers, except for packaged food that cannot spill, stain the Lockers or produce odors of any kind in the Mobile Locker.

Mobile Locker is not responsible for objects deposited inside the lockers.

You can hire the Locker rental service for a period of 1 day or for the duration of the festival or event.

The rental service of each Locker will be available during festival hours or in the case of fixed event lockers every day of the week, 365 days a year.

Each locker has a plug to connect and charge a mobile device. The cable is not included.

You can access the rented Locker as many times as you want or need during the rental period of the Locker. Therefore, if you have forgotten something, want to add more items or need to access your Locker during the rental period, you will be able to do so without any problem.

The price per Locker will be the price indicated at the time of hiring, and you can take advantage of the offers in force at any time. The prices shown include VAT and refer to the rental of a Locker according to size and duration.

Mobile Locker Lockers are fully automatic. You can make your reservation through our website or directly at the Mobile Locker terminal. Once the booking is completed, you will receive confirmation of the booking and the Locker number.

To open the Lockers you can choose to link a card or bracelet with RFID chip or an alphanumeric code that you will enter at the time of hiring.

Contact the telephone number +34 668 50 50 20

Contact the telephone number +34 668 50 50 20

In case of breakdown, blockage or any other type of incident in the use of the Locker, you have at your disposal the Mobile Locker assistance service, which you can use by calling +34 668 50 50 20 or by writing to the following address

Yes, as long as such modification or cancellation is made 24 hours prior to the date on which the reserved service begins.